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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

"This is a community fund, you can contribute to it if you like, and when you've agreed how to spend it you can open me and spend it. Please be gentle. #ThePig"

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1 wishlist of ideas for what to spend the money on inside Pig

1 police visit

3 people have taken selfies while hugging Pig


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Pig Conversations

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A woman stops passers by to ask if they will open Pig with her and join her for a coffee. She persists for about half an hour. She is unsuccessful.

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

“We are a community. Me and my friends”

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

A member of the street community shouts “Why are you playing with us?”

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

A member of the public writes their list of suggestions of what to spend the money on and puts it inside Pig:

Forest Protection
Energy bills
A welding torch

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

Four teenagers reading the Pig sign together:

“It’s simple. If you have money you put it in. And if you don’t have money you take it out.”

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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