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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

“There’s lots of parks around the area which the money should be spent on cleaning them up. Community parks, nice open public spaces. I prefer to see the money go to public spending and to something that everyone can enjoy rather than private spending.”

Team Pigzine: “What do you think Pig is about?”

“Well I guess its about donations and saving and spending money in a community orientated way.”

“What are the challenges of something like this?”

“There is an old saying that goes ‘you can please some people all of the time, but you can’t please all people some of the time’… So there’s never a situation where everyone is going to be happy. Thats a really difficult thing to do so we have to come to a compromise, and we have to work together to overcome differences and difficulties.”

“Do you think the people who open it will spend it on the community?”

“I hope so. I think people are generally good.”

Norfol & Norwich Festival, UK – 17/05/2018

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