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Pigzine: “What’s just happened here?”

“Me and my nephew have just opened it up and taken some money out because he wants to give it to a charity.”

“What charity?”

“A cancer charity.”

“Would you consider yourself a member of the community?”



“Because I do things in the community and for the community. I also do things for free I go in my own time to do things for the community.”

“How do you define your community?”

“The city as an entirety is the community. There should be more of a community. We’ve just had a discussion about some guys taking some quids out of here earlier on and the whole point is that if anybody wanted…. If anybody disagreed about it, they just stood and watched it, nobody challenged them whatsoever, so there’s no community there. Do you know what I mean?”


“Or like say these guys… these guys who are seen to be the ‘faces of charity’… I bet these people here give money to charity and they don’t see who the money goes to. But as soon as they see someone taking the money who is deemed to be charitable they don’t like em, they don’t like them!”

“What do you think pig is about?”

“Theres loads of tiers to it, it challenges so many social concepts, so many social ideas. This city needs a concept like this. This city is forever degrading [members of the street community] the newspapers degrade them all the time, dehumanise them like the Nazi’s and the Jews. Call someone a name and it dehumanises them… apparently they aren’t entitled to the money but people give money to faces of charities. If only they was to know that it filters down to the same people who have taken money out of the pig – then what would they do? It’s strange. Its a strange concept. So I’m just teaching my little nephew here about a bit of anarchy. You don’t necessarily have to follow the rules. You don’t always have to do what people expect you to do to fit into society.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 01/09/2018

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