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    A woman stops passers by to ask if they will open Pig with her and join her for a coffee. She persists for about half an hour. She is unsuccessful.

    PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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    “We are a community. Me and my friends”

    PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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    A member of the street community shouts “Why are you playing with us?”

    PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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    A member of the public writes their list of suggestions of what to spend the money on and puts it inside Pig:

    Forest Protection
    Energy bills
    A welding torch

    PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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    Four teenagers reading the Pig sign together:

    “It’s simple. If you have money you put it in. And if you don’t have money you take it out.”

    PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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    Two middle aged women are overheard:

    Person 1: ‘It won’t be long until the hobos find it and take the money, its not difficult to open.
    Person 2: ‘I’d prefer the homeless to take it rather the state’.

    PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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    “The word ‘community’ is ambiguous.

    PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022

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    [Opening 65]

    Beobachter*in 1: “Zum Nägeli machä und vilicht für -“

    Beobachter*in 2: “Oh mein Gott Auti ig choufe mir die Ohrringe vo geschter.”

    Beobachter*in 1: “Ja klar machs.”

    Beobachter*in 2: “Chum mir müesse zähle.”

    Beobachter*in 1: “Schwöre, ds isch dr Bewis. Mini Lehrer u aui gloube immer ig bi dumm. Aber ig bi eigentlich clever und echt, das isch eifach so dr Bewis […] Das isch mis Jahreshighlight.”

    Observer 1: “For nails and maybe -“

    Observer 2: “Oh my god girl I am going to buy the earrings from yesterday.”

    Observer 1: “Oh yeah let’s do this.

    Observer 2: “C’mon we have to count it all.”

    Observer 1: “I swear this the evidence. My teachers and everyone always think I am stupid. But to be honest I am clever and for real, this is the proof […] I swear, this is the highlight of my year.”

    auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 12/05/2022

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    “This is so tempting, but it’ll be on my conscience if I take the money

    A member of the public by Pig, Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork, Ireland. 14/06/2019

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    “First of all it tells me I have to agree with people on something, and that’s complicated.”

    “I thought there would be some French currency, but I didn’t see any, which I thought it’s kinda weird.”

    “It’s not Euro’s, so it’s a problem if you want to spend it right away”

    Pigzine Reporters reporting for Radio Grenouille, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 29/09/2018