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    [Opening 65]

    Beobachter*in 1: “Zum Nägeli machä und vilicht für -“

    Beobachter*in 2: “Oh mein Gott Auti ig choufe mir die Ohrringe vo geschter.”

    Beobachter*in 1: “Ja klar machs.”

    Beobachter*in 2: “Chum mir müesse zähle.”

    Beobachter*in 1: “Schwöre, ds isch dr Bewis. Mini Lehrer u aui gloube immer ig bi dumm. Aber ig bi eigentlich clever und echt, das isch eifach so dr Bewis […] Das isch mis Jahreshighlight.”

    Observer 1: “For nails and maybe -“

    Observer 2: “Oh my god girl I am going to buy the earrings from yesterday.”

    Observer 1: “Oh yeah let’s do this.

    Observer 2: “C’mon we have to count it all.”

    Observer 1: “I swear this the evidence. My teachers and everyone always think I am stupid. But to be honest I am clever and for real, this is the proof […] I swear, this is the highlight of my year.”

    auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 12/05/2022

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    “This is so tempting, but it’ll be on my conscience if I take the money

    A member of the public by Pig, Cork Midsummer Festival, Cork, Ireland. 14/06/2019

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    “First of all it tells me I have to agree with people on something, and that’s complicated.”

    “I thought there would be some French currency, but I didn’t see any, which I thought it’s kinda weird.”

    “It’s not Euro’s, so it’s a problem if you want to spend it right away”

    Pigzine Reporters reporting for Radio Grenouille, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 29/09/2018

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    Two people were asked what they would do with the money inside. The woman wanted to change the lyrics of the French national anthem because she found them too aggressive. The man would use it to help welcome the refugees currently at sea on the Aquarius boat, which the French government refused to welcome.

    Sarah, Pigzine Reporter, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 30/09/2018

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    Two men, a young and an older one, approached the pig and tried to understand how to open it. A Pigzine reporter asked if they had the intention to open the pig. They said they didn’t understand how it worked and what the concept was. The reporter said they had to find an agreement with someone.

    A woman came asking for more information. The Pigzine reporter asked what she would like to spend the money on. “I would give to the UNICEF” She went on to talk in length about children in Africa who don’t have enough to eat.

    The reporter asked the two men what they would spend it on. “The environment” said the older man. “To deal with all the waste we produce”

    “I would spend it on a human cause, not something material” said the younger one.

    They couldn’t find an agreement with the woman and decided to leave.

    Sarah, Pigzine Reporter, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 30/09/2018

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    “Celui-là (thepig) il me fait bien rire parce que jusqu’à ce qu’on y arrive, à se mettre d’accord…Donner c’est facile, mais c’est après que c’est compliqué!” 

    “This one (thepig) makes me laugh because until we get there, to an agreement … Giving is easy, but afterwards it’s complicated!”

    Passant, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 27/09/2018

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    “Ce qui serait cool, ce serait de se rencontrer autour du Pig. Autour d’une grosse soirée ce serait cool, samedi soir par exemple quand les bars sont pleins, chacun propose un projet personnel qui peut devenir commun. Là par exemple on était avec deux femmes, et on a réfléchi à comment on pouvait collaborer sur l’utilisation de l’argent. Il faut qu’il y ait un objectif communautaire, une sorte de débat qui s’organise autour du cochon, avec tous ceux qui ont mis des pièces. Chacun propose et on vote, on fait un plan. Mais est-ce qu’on fait un vote? C’est chiant les votes. Un applaudimètre? Il faut un juge, et ça c’est chiant. Moi si c’est pour un téléphone par exemple ça me fait chier, sauf si le gars a besoin d’un téléphone pour avoir un job…” 

    “What would be cool would be to meet around the Pig. A big party would be cool, Saturday night for example when the bars are full, everyone suggests a personal project that can become common. At the pig, for example, we were with two women, and we thought about how we could collaborate on the use of money. There must be a community goal, a kind of debate about the pig, with all those who put coins. Everyone suggests something and we vote, we make a plan. But should we make a vote? Voting is boring. An applaudimeter? You need a judge, but that’s boring too. In my mind if it’s for a phone for example it pisses me off, unless the guy needs a phone to get a job …”

    Marion et Vincent, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 27/09/2018

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    “Ca pose la question de notre relation à l’argent dans une société qui est basée sur l’argent, et où sans argent on ne peut rien acheter. Il y a de l’argent qui est à disposition ici, et les gens qui en ont besoin ne vont peut-être pas comprendre qu’ils ont le droit de le prendre. Ce que ça me donne envie de faire, c’est de l’ouvrir et de le donner à des gens qui en ont besoin. Je reviendrai ce weekend ! “

    “This raises the question of our relationship with money in a society that is based on money, and where without money you cannot buy anything. There is money available here, and the people who need it may not understand that they have the right to take it. What it makes me want to do is open it and give it to people who need it. I will be back this weekend!”

    Honza, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 27/09/2018

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    “Le but commun, for the Pigs : Nous aimerions que nos gouvernants prennent exemple sur la transparence et la mise en lumière de cette chair qui nous est tendre, afin qu’il soit donné à tous de manger sainement, le cochon nous rappelle que “rien ne se jette”. La volonté du bien n’est-il pas bon ? “

    “Our common goal, for the “Pigs” (Pigs as a metaphor for people in the government): We would like our rulers to take the example of the transparency and highlighting of this flesh (the pig) that is tender to us, so that everyone can eat healthy. The pig reminds us that “nothing gets wasted”. Is the will of the good not good?”

    Star, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 26/09/2018

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    “C’est une belle initiative. La question principale c’est de savoir s’il y a un suivi de ce qui est fait avec l’argent pris dans la cagnotte, si les gens sont vraiment de bonne foi. C’est la seule interrogation que j’ai. Si c’est quelqu’un qui vient pour se payer un café encore ça va, c’est 2 euros mais si quelqu’un vient pour prendre 50 euros pour payer un sandwich et une douche à un SDF est-ce que c’est vrai ? Je ne sais pas. Alors est-ce qu’il faut faire confiance aux gens? Je pense que oui mais bon, il y a tellement de gens bizarres. ” 

    It’s a nice initiative. The main question is whether there is a follow-up of what is done with the money taken from the pot, if people are really acting in good faith. This is the only question I have. If someone comes to buy a coffee, it’s ok, it’s just 2 euros but if someone comes to take 50 euros to pay a sandwich and a shower to a homeless person, is this true? I do not know. So do we have to trust people? I think so, but hey, there are so many weird people.”

    Markou, Travellings Festival, Marseille, France. 26/09/2018