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“Could just open it and buy a Koppaberg”

“But would you? You’re here and it’s allowed. Why aren’t you doing that?”

“I personally just wouldn’t”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

Contributor: “it’s wonderful, but I got the wrong idea, I thought it was going to be a community fund where you can make a suggestion on what it should be spent on – but it didn’t work out that way. I put something in The Pig. I thought it was going to go to a good cause but someone opened it last night.”

Team Pigzine: “So does it put you off donating money knowing that anyone could take it?”

Contributor: “Once I found out that anyone could take it for any reason, yes. It’s a little bit like stealing. It has been emptied and that money could have been spent on absolutely anything.”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“No one would bother to open that.”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

Team Pigzine: “Do you think you’re a member of the community?”

Contributor: “That’s a really hard question because which community? Whose community? … I would like to think I am part of the community but we are living in a time where a lot of people don’t feel part of the community. Lots of people’s ideas of community now is to do with being online  – you can have a lot of connections with people online who you may never meet but still feel part of a something. I like to think I’m part of the community. I’m an artist. I can feel a bit separate from the community”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

Contributor: “You don’t want people to actually start unscrewing it now do you? Take that money?”

Team Pigzine: “If they can agree on how to spend it”

Contributor: “Hmm. It’s interesting because what you’re saying raises this question of how we… if we ..have faith in each other. I think that’s a really interesting question. It isn’t just giving an answer it’s making you think ‘what do I think about the person standing next to me?’ and ‘do I trust them?.”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“I’m surprised there’s not loads of people hanging around just waiting for it to fill up so they can take it”

(Same person, a few moments later):

“I wouldn’t ever [open it], I just wouldn’t. Even if it was private, so especially not in public”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

Contributor: “[Pig] encourages community spirit.”

Team Pigzine: “Does it change how you feel that anyone can open The Pig  and take the money out?”

Contributor: “Oh can they? I didn’t know that. Oh wow, Yes that does change things.”

Team Pigzine: “Why?”

Contributor: “The types of people who could open it. I can’t see who they are. They could just open it! And helping someone get some white lightening is different to helping someone get some food”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

Contributor: “But those people who have taken it aren’t trustworthy … if it was [being spent] on something that we want it to be, they needn’t have stolen it”

Team Pigzine: “maybe it was just when they walked past, just no one happened to be here”

Contributor: “no, you just like to think they’re good”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

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