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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

Pig Conversations

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Beobachter*in 1: “Eh lueg jetzt, das isch jetzt das Söili. Vo dem hetmer öper verzäut.”

Beobachter*in 2: “Aber das isch ja nid rosa. Es müessti doch rosa si.”

Beobachter*in 1: “Aber de würdmi ja nid düregse.”

Beobachter*in 2: “-“

Beobachter*in 1: “Auso weisch, so weissmä haut wiviu dinne isch.”

Beobachter*in 2: “U für was isches?”

Beobachter*in 1: “Ds weiss ebe irgendwie niemer.”

Observer 1: “Ah look there, this has to be the pig. There was someone telling me about.”

Observer 2: “But it’s not pink. It must have been pink, I think.”

Observer 1: “But then you wouldn’t be able to see through.”

Observer 2: “-“

Observer 1: “It’s like this because we have to know how much is inside.”

Observer 2: “And what’s the money for?”

Observer 1: “Nobody knows, I think.”

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 07/05/2022

Observer: “What is this for? […] This is too much information […] Oh, it’s for the Ukraine.”

Pigzine: “Why do you think that?”

Observer: “Because it’s money. And it’s ideology. But I won’t put money in because I don’t take part in war. And if you put money in you are taking a side.”

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 06/05/2022

Beobachter*in 1: “Jtz chönnte mr ja das Söili go uuftue.”

Beobachter*in 2: “U när? Was mache mr?” 

Beobachter*in 1: “Weiss o nid… Ä Festivalpass choufe…?”

Beobachter*in 2: “Ah hmm ja…” 

Beobachter*in 1: “A nei i bi ja jtz aagsteut. I mues jtz nümm geng überau profitiere.” 

Observer 1: “We could go and open that pig now.” 

Observer 2: “And then? What do we do?” 

Observer 1: “Dunno… Buy a festival pass…?”

Observer 2: “Hmm… Well, yeah…” 

Observer 1: “Ah no, I’m employed now. I don’t have to profit everywhere and all the time now.” 

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 05/05/2022

Observer: “This is not a place for political statements. This is a market place.”

Pigzine: “Do you think this is a political statement?”

Observer: “I don’t know. But this is not a place for any political or art activity. You need to move this from here.”

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 05/05/2022

Observer: “This Pig must be collecting for the Ukraine.”

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 04/05/2022

Pigzine: “Et consideres membre de la comunitat? De quina?”

Observardor/a: “Si, sempre que estas amb gent ja ets membre de la comunitat”

Pigzine: “Quin creus que es l’objectiu del porc?”

Observador/a: “Obrir un debat perque tota la gent es posi d’acord”

Pigzine: “Et genera desconfiança  el fet que sigui tant fàcil obrir el porc  a l’hora de fer-ho?”

Observador: “No , perquè ja es veu que es un fons comunitari.”

Pigzine: “Do you consider yourself a part of the community? Which one?”

Watcher: “Yes, as long as you are with people you are already a member of the community”

Pigzine: “What do you think Pig is about?”

Watcher: “To open a debate and see if we can all agree”

Pigzine: “Does the fact that Pig can be opened so easily deter you from opening it?”

Watcher: “No, because it is already seen as a community fund.”

Firatàrrega, Catalonia – 08/09/2019


Pigzine: “En què li agradaria invertir els diners?”

Observador: “Es podria fer un donatiu a fira Tàrrega  o per alguna ONG”

Pigzine: “Per què no decideix obrir-lo?”

Observador: “Perquè considero que és massa responsabilitat”

Pigzine: “What do you think will happen to the money?”

Observer: “A donation could be made at the Tàrrega fair or by some NGOs”

Pigzine: “Why not decide to open it and do that?”

Observer: “It is too much responsibility”

Firatàrrega, Catalonia – 08/09/2019

Pigzine: “En que li agradaria invertir els diners de dins el porc?”

Observador: “En crear un espectacle i fer-lo l’any que ve a fira Tàrrega.”

Pigzine: “I per què no decideix obrir-lo i agafar els diners?”

Observador: “perquè segurament hi ha gent que ho necessita més que nosaltres”

Pigzine: “What do you think the money inside Pig should be spent on?”

Observador: “To create my show, so I can do it next year at Tàrrega”

Pigzine: “And why have you decided to not open it and take the money?”

Observador: “Because there are probably people who need it more than us.”

Firatàrrega, Catalonia – 08/09/2019

” Ho destinaria als artistes. Són ells qui realment fan possible un esdeveniment tant bonic com la Fira del teatre.”

” I would share It between the artists. They are the ones that make Fira Tàrrega possible.”

Firatàrrega, Catalonia – 08/09/2019

Pigzine: ” Has participat o participaràs al Pig?”

Observador/a: “No ho crec, no m’entusiasma la idea.”

Pigzine:” Prendries tu la inciativa de proposar una idea per a la qual destinar-ho?”

Observador/a: “No crec que els diners representin una ajuda real. Al final només és una cosa material i temporal.”

Pigzine: “Et consideres part d’una comunitat?”

Observador/a: “Formo part de manera inevitable de varies comunitats però no em sento representada per cap.”

Pigzine: ” Quin creus que és l’objectiu de Pig?”

Observador/a: ” Conèixer  les intencions de la gent.”

Pigzine: “Que creus que haurien de fer aquells que obrin el Pig amb els diners?”

Observador/a: “Crec que podria millorar problemàtiques amb molt poca repercussió social. Ja que aquelles que són més profundes no poden resoldres amb diners.”

Pigzine: ” Si tinguéssis un bon propòsit ho obriries?”

Observador/a: ” No, preferiria dedicar una ajuda més humana i amb més sentit.”

Pigzine: “Would you contribute to Pig?”

Watcher: “I don’t think so, I can’t see the point of it.”

Pigzine: “What do you think the money should be for?”

Watcher: “I don’t see this money as a real help. At the end of the day money is just material and temporary.”

Pigzine: ” Do you consider yourself a member of a community?”

Watcher: “I believe it’s inevitable to be part of many communities but I don’t feel represented in any of them.”

Pigzine: “What do you think Pig is about?”

Watcher: “To get to know people’s intentions.”

Pigzine: “What do you think those who open Pig should do with the money?”

Watcher: “Maybe money could kind of give short term solutions to some little problems. But absolutely not with heavy social conflicts. Society needs human help rather than economic help.”

Pigzine: “Well if you have a reason, would you open it?”

Watcher: “I would rather get involved with some organisations and give real support.”

Firatàrrega, Catalonia – 07/09/2019