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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.


Pig is a large transparent pig. Inside it is a sign that reads: “This is a community fund. You can contribute to it if you like, and when you’ve agreed how to spend it you can open me and spend it. Please be gentle. #ThePig”


Kaleider is a studio based in Exeter, U.K. that brings people together to design, promote and produce extraordinary live experiences. Pig was conceived by Kaleider’s Artistic Director, Seth Honnor collaborating with Owen Gundry on pig’s fabrication. It has been commissioned by IN SITU – European platform for artistic creation in public space -, which brings together some of Europe’s most significant arts festivals and programmes.

Pigzine was founded by Editor in Chief Natasha Batorijs. Wherever Pig goes, people (sometimes young people, sometimes local residents) report on all things Pig.

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