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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

Donator: “So is it when the pig is full that they’ll take the money?”

“No it just opens whenever ‘they’ agree, you just twist the nuts round the edge”

Donator: “Maybe I’ve misunderstood. But maybe I don’t know what this is about..

(reads it again)

…when you’ve agreed how to spend it…. Thats the bit I didn’t get actually”

Team Pigzine: “Why didn’t you get that bit?”

Donator: “Because, well… (laughs) I’ve never come across something like that. It’s unprecedented in my mind. Something where you just put money in and someone else can come along and take that money out. (Laughs a lot) ….Brilliant.”

Team Pigzine: “Do you consider yourself a member of a community?”

Donator: “I don’t think of myself in that way actually.”

Team Pigzine: “And why is that?”

Donator: “The label doesn’t help me. I am what I am. I don’t need or look for a label to identify with a community. When I travel I am identified as British because that’s what it says on my passport. I don’t actually give a …… It doesn’t mean anything to me. It doesn’t help me in any way live my life. Wow – who set this up?!”


Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 17/05/2018

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