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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.



A woman stops passers by to ask if they will open Pig with her and join her for a coffee. She persists for about half an hour. She is unsuccessful.

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022


“We are a community. Me and my friends”

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022


A member of the street community shouts “Why are you playing with us?”

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022


A member of the public writes their list of suggestions of what to spend the money on and puts it inside Pig:

Forest Protection
Energy bills
A welding torch

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022


Four teenagers reading the Pig sign together:

“It’s simple. If you have money you put it in. And if you don’t have money you take it out.”

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022


Two middle aged women are overheard:

Person 1: ‘It won’t be long until the hobos find it and take the money, its not difficult to open.
Person 2: ‘I’d prefer the homeless to take it rather the state’.

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022



“The word ‘community’ is ambiguous.

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022


Two people about 50 meters away are reading the sign inside Pig.

Another person approaches them and says: ‘I need money for medicine. Even a little bit would help’.

They respond: ‘We don’t have cash sorry’.

The person walks away.

The two people continue to talk about it: ‘So we have to unscrew it and lift off the lid? That’ll take too long’.

They leave. The money stays inside.

PLACCC, Budapest, Hungary – 2022


Observer 1 [to Pig]: “If St. Gallen wins today, I’ll come give you 1,000 francs!”

Observer 2: “Please, let us win Pig-god!”

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 15/05/2022


Ein älteres Paar.

Beobachter*in 1: “Was isch das?”

Beobachter*in 2: “Das isch eh – eh lueg jetzt isch das e grossi Sou?”

Sie halten an.

Beobachter*in 1: “Nei Berti, das isch doch es Schaf.”

Beobachter*in 2: “Nei lueg doch de Schwanz u d Ohre, dasch nid es Schaf.”

Beobachter*in 1: “Ds isch es Schaf, ganz klar.”

An elderly couple.

Observer 1: “What’s this?”

Observer 2: “That’s – oh look, is it a big pig?”

They stop.

Observer 1: “No Berti, that’s a sheep, isn’t it?”

Observer 2: “No look, the tail and the ears. That’s not a sheep.”

Observer 1: “It’s a sheep, that’s for sure.”

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 13/05/2022

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