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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

“They just took screws out and they took the money out and now they’re going down town to spend the money on drugs. Absolutely disgusting. I’ve had to stop them two from doing it.”

Pigzine: “Would you donate to The Pig?”

“NO WAY. I would give it to a charity or a company that I know and believe. This is just awful.”

“So it deters you knowing that anyone can open it?”

“Oh they have! I stood here and watched them, everybody watched them, I went to the security and asked them, I been to the policeman, we’ve all been to them and told them.”

(talking directly to the Pigzine reporters) “If you’re standing here and doing this, TELL EVERYBODY NOT TO DONATE TO IT. Tell them to donate it to a charity that’s good enough.
Cos they’re coming. They will be back in a few minutes to take it all again when they’ve had the shot they’ve got. THEY WAS OPENING IT AND UNSCREWING IT AND TAKING ALL THE FIVE POUND NOTES AND COINS OUT! BOTH OF THEM!”

“What about if someone were to take this and donate it to what you think is a good cause?”

“Well that’s fantastic – but then they’re not doing that ‘cause all the druggies are coming in and taking it. Everybody has complained to the police and they can’t do nout about it cos apparently it’s give n take, donate and take. I wish you would stop ’em.”

“Do you consider yourself part of the community?”

“Im from hull but I live outside now. I won’t do this, but I do it privately. And if anybody has got any sense they would tell all these not to do it because it’s just giving it all to the druggies. WE’VE SEEN IT! With our own eyes! So please TELL THEM to give it to private.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 01/09/2018

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