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Pigzine: “How do you feel in regards to there being some debate about whether the homeless community should be allowed to take some money out of this or not?”

Opener: “I don’t have any issue with that whatsoever. I was over there yesterday when it got moved and I was encouraging them to take money because I don’t have an issue with that.

People give to homeless charities so THOSE are the guys that should be receiving it – but amongst any other. And that is a social dilemma of ‘Who is most in need?’.

I have no issue with anyone taking it. Even if they look like they’re on drugs and they’re taking from this pot, because these people round here are all ill advised to judge anybody else that puts their hand in this pot. They all stand around here thinking they’ve got halos over their heads thinking their godlike in what they’re doing but that’s just not what it is.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 01/09/2018

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