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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

Pigzine: “Et consideres membre de la comunitat? De quina?”

Observardor/a: “Si, sempre que estas amb gent ja ets membre de la comunitat”

Pigzine: “Quin creus que es l’objectiu del porc?”

Observador/a: “Obrir un debat perque tota la gent es posi d’acord”

Pigzine: “Et genera desconfiança  el fet que sigui tant fàcil obrir el porc  a l’hora de fer-ho?”

Observador: “No , perquè ja es veu que es un fons comunitari.”

Pigzine: “Do you consider yourself a part of the community? Which one?”

Watcher: “Yes, as long as you are with people you are already a member of the community”

Pigzine: “What do you think Pig is about?”

Watcher: “To open a debate and see if we can all agree”

Pigzine: “Does the fact that Pig can be opened so easily deter you from opening it?”

Watcher: “No, because it is already seen as a community fund.”

Firatàrrega, Catalonia – 08/09/2019


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