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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

Beobachter*in 1: “Jtz chönnte mr ja das Söili go uuftue.”

Beobachter*in 2: “U när? Was mache mr?” 

Beobachter*in 1: “Weiss o nid… Ä Festivalpass choufe…?”

Beobachter*in 2: “Ah hmm ja…” 

Beobachter*in 1: “A nei i bi ja jtz aagsteut. I mues jtz nümm geng überau profitiere.” 

Observer 1: “We could go and open that pig now.” 

Observer 2: “And then? What do we do?” 

Observer 1: “Dunno… Buy a festival pass…?”

Observer 2: “Hmm… Well, yeah…” 

Observer 1: “Ah no, I’m employed now. I don’t have to profit everywhere and all the time now.” 

auawirleben, Bern, Switzerland – 05/05/2022

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