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Pig Conversations

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“I thought it was for collecting money for charity and an art installation at the same time. I don’t anymore.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 02/09/2018

“The pig has really caught the attention of Hull. It has been the main talking point of [Freedom Festival] – I called a friend this morning to see if she enjoyed the festival and she replied with ‘yes what do you think of the Pig?'”

Freedom Festival, Norwich, UK – 02/09/2018

“It’s about provoking thought. It’s about seeing if people will contribute to the unknown”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 02/09/2018

Pigzine: “Why did you donate to the pig?”

“Because ‘give when you can’ … and I want it to fill up to go to the community”

“Do you consider yourself a part of the community?”



“Because I’m a good member of society”

Freedom festival, Hull, UK – 02/09/2018

“I will always trust the people of Hull to come together”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 02/09/2018

Pigzine: “What do you think pig is about?”

“It’s about greed. Or when you save up for something you really want. You can only smash a piggy bank to get it so you have to try and fill it or know what you really want.”

Did you donate?

“Yeah. We let the children put some money in.”


“Because we want to get the children to get involved with the community. They can’t go on the merry-go-round but they can donate to the Pig. Donate to something bigger.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 02/09/2018

Pigzine: “What’s just happened here?”

“Me and my nephew have just opened it up and taken some money out because he wants to give it to a charity.”

“What charity?”

“A cancer charity.”

“Would you consider yourself a member of the community?”



“Because I do things in the community and for the community. I also do things for free I go in my own time to do things for the community.”

“How do you define your community?”

“The city as an entirety is the community. There should be more of a community. We’ve just had a discussion about some guys taking some quids out of here earlier on and the whole point is that if anybody wanted…. If anybody disagreed about it, they just stood and watched it, nobody challenged them whatsoever, so there’s no community there. Do you know what I mean?”


“Or like say these guys… these guys who are seen to be the ‘faces of charity’… I bet these people here give money to charity and they don’t see who the money goes to. But as soon as they see someone taking the money who is deemed to be charitable they don’t like em, they don’t like them!”

“What do you think pig is about?”

“Theres loads of tiers to it, it challenges so many social concepts, so many social ideas. This city needs a concept like this. This city is forever degrading [members of the street community] the newspapers degrade them all the time, dehumanise them like the Nazi’s and the Jews. Call someone a name and it dehumanises them… apparently they aren’t entitled to the money but people give money to faces of charities. If only they was to know that it filters down to the same people who have taken money out of the pig – then what would they do? It’s strange. Its a strange concept. So I’m just teaching my little nephew here about a bit of anarchy. You don’t necessarily have to follow the rules. You don’t always have to do what people expect you to do to fit into society.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 01/09/2018

Pigzine: “How do you feel in regards to there being some debate about whether the homeless community should be allowed to take some money out of this or not?”

Opener: “I don’t have any issue with that whatsoever. I was over there yesterday when it got moved and I was encouraging them to take money because I don’t have an issue with that.

People give to homeless charities so THOSE are the guys that should be receiving it – but amongst any other. And that is a social dilemma of ‘Who is most in need?’.

I have no issue with anyone taking it. Even if they look like they’re on drugs and they’re taking from this pot, because these people round here are all ill advised to judge anybody else that puts their hand in this pot. They all stand around here thinking they’ve got halos over their heads thinking their godlike in what they’re doing but that’s just not what it is.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 01/09/2018

“They just took screws out and they took the money out and now they’re going down town to spend the money on drugs. Absolutely disgusting. I’ve had to stop them two from doing it.”

Pigzine: “Would you donate to The Pig?”

“NO WAY. I would give it to a charity or a company that I know and believe. This is just awful.”

“So it deters you knowing that anyone can open it?”

“Oh they have! I stood here and watched them, everybody watched them, I went to the security and asked them, I been to the policeman, we’ve all been to them and told them.”

(talking directly to the Pigzine reporters) “If you’re standing here and doing this, TELL EVERYBODY NOT TO DONATE TO IT. Tell them to donate it to a charity that’s good enough.
Cos they’re coming. They will be back in a few minutes to take it all again when they’ve had the shot they’ve got. THEY WAS OPENING IT AND UNSCREWING IT AND TAKING ALL THE FIVE POUND NOTES AND COINS OUT! BOTH OF THEM!”

“What about if someone were to take this and donate it to what you think is a good cause?”

“Well that’s fantastic – but then they’re not doing that ‘cause all the druggies are coming in and taking it. Everybody has complained to the police and they can’t do nout about it cos apparently it’s give n take, donate and take. I wish you would stop ’em.”

“Do you consider yourself part of the community?”

“Im from hull but I live outside now. I won’t do this, but I do it privately. And if anybody has got any sense they would tell all these not to do it because it’s just giving it all to the druggies. WE’VE SEEN IT! With our own eyes! So please TELL THEM to give it to private.”

Freedom Festival, Hull, UK – 01/09/2018

“Het varken is voor het fonds, heb ik gelezen. Het community fonds. Het goede doel.”

“Je kunt Pig openmaken, Maar niemand doet het denk ik.”

Pigzine: “Houden jullie bij wie het geld eruit haalt?”

“Dat geld eruit halen, zo zijn we niet opgevoed.”

“We hebben een eigen appgroep, dat is onze community, maar onze community gaan we niet sponsoren met dat geld. Dat voelt niet goed. Dus dit is het geld van Oerol, voor het idee, het kunstzinnige idee. Dat laten we mooi zoals het is.”

Team Pigzine: “Zou u er geld in doen als u niet weet waar het heen gaat?”

“Nee, ik heb er geen geld in gedaan. Juist omdat ik niet weet waar het heen gaat.”

Oerol Festival, Terschelling, The Netherlands – 16/06/2018

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