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We unscientifically document Pig, an art production by Kaleider, as it travels around the world.

Pig Conversations

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“The Pig isn’t my competition. But I’m out here all day trying to get money to eat tonight and people are putting money in The Pig so when I see that, it’s just silly”

Team Pigzine: “Are you a member of the community?”

“Oh yes, the homeless community, definitely.”

Team Pigzine: “Well would you open this?”

“No because it should be for people who need it more than me. I don’t need it as much as some people. I sell [The Big Issue] for my money, for some food and a place to sleep. I can’t open that, I don’t need it. Theres always someone who needs it more than me”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“Is this a social experiment?”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

Donator: “I like to be optimistic about community and about society and think that people are going to [open it] for a good reason. You’re always going to get someone whose not so lets be optimistic and hope that they are.”

Team Pigzine: “Knowing that you could open it and anyone could take the money, would you still donate?”

Donator: “Yes. I absolutely would. Hopefully if they’re taking it, they’re taking it for a good reason even if it’s just somebody who needs a cup of tea hopefully they feel good because of it.”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

Non-Donator taking photographs: “The causes that this offers isn’t helping people, like, living on the street. I would definitely donate if I knew it would go to a good cause”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 17/05/2018

“Are you a member of a community?”


“That’s a really hard question because which community? Whose community? … I would like to think I am part of the community but we are living in a time where a lot of people don’t feel part of the community. Lots of people’s ideas of community now is to do with being online  – you can have a lot of connections with people online who you may never meet but still feel part of a something. I like to think I’m part of the community. I’m an artist. I can feel a bit separate from the community”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“[Giving to Pig] is more vague than buying The Big Issue or something”

“Is it easier?”

“You can donate as much as you want. Although, because it’s clear everyone can see how much you’re donating so that’s… umm… that’s a question because you don’t want to seem stingy but if you haven’t got a lot of money it’s better to just give something, even if it’s just a few coins”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“You can give to charities for different reasons. I think some people don’t care about where it goes – sometimes its just good to give it. Sometimes its just good to go away and feel like you’ve done something”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“But don’t people steal the money for the sake of it?”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“I love The Pig! It’s going into Norwich community fund!”

“Well any community could open it”

“Well I would rather put money in than take out”

(Pennies dropped inside The Pig)

“Are you a member of the community?”


“Does it deter you at all that just anyone can open it and take the money out?”

“No, that’s an excellent idea! It’s a bit of a mystery, and obviously someone might take it out who isn’t going to use it for the community but that’s alright too”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018

“Is this like a community bank? Where we can all contribute to projects? Is that it?”

Norfolk & Norwich Festival, 16/05/2018